To Our Valued Customer,

Effective February 1, 2019, K + R will collect sales tax in the following states:



·      Georgia

·      Indiana

·      Iowa

·      Kansas

·      Kentucky

·      Michigan

·      Minnesota

·      Missouri

·      Nebraska

·      Nevada

·      New Jersey

·      North Carolina

·      North Dakota

·      Ohio

·      Oklahoma

·      Rhode Island

·      South Dakota

·      Tennessee

·      Texas

·      Utah

·      Vermont

·      Washington

·      West Virginia

·      Wisconsin

·      Wyoming


State laws require K + R to have exemption certificates from all customers who claim a tax exemption. If the exemption certificate is not received, K + R is required by law to charge tax for shipments into the states identified above. This includes shipments to your locations and/or drop-shipments to your customers.

If your business qualifies for a tax exemption, a properly completed exemption certificate must be submitted to the K + R Corporate Accounting Department. Once we have received your exemption certificate(s), your account will be updated within three business days.

If the certificate is processed before your order invoices, the tax will be adjusted based on the certificate. For a credit of tax on an already invoiced order, please contact the accounting department by email at accounting@krmfg.com. We will need your company name and invoice number for which you believe tax should be credited. Only invoices dated after February 1, 2019, will be subject to adjustment.


• To download and complete a Multi-Jurisdiction Tax Exemption Certificate, begin by clicking here. Alternatively, exemption certificates from individual states are acceptable.

• To submit a completed Tax Exemption Certificate please email the certificate to accounting@krmfg.com and place your COMPANY NAME and the word EXEMPTION CERT in the subject line of the email so we can expedite as quickly as possible.

• Questions? Please contact the K + R Accounting department at accounting@krmfg.com or 573-644-6868 and we will respond to your request as quickly as possible.


As always, thank you for your business.