RockFace Concrete Decking 

Call for pricing:  573-346-1187

 Sizes: Rock Face Concrete Decking is available in 3 sizes Colors: Ivory and Sunburst*

*custom colors available

RockFace Concrete Decking
  • Available in three sizes:
    2’ wide x 18’’ long x 1-5/8’’ thick

    2’ wide x 2’ long x 1-5/8” thick

    1’ wide x 3’ long x 1-5/8” thick

  • Most innovative solution for concrete decking in the industry

  • Manufactured on state of the art machinery

  • Wire reinforcement in all blocks creates superior strength to competitive products

  • Water repellent manufactured in the mix design

  • Slip resistant textured surface resembles natural flagstone

  • Two standard blended color options:

  • Sunburst or Ivory Colors

  • Custom colors available

  • Full technical specs available upon request

    Rockface Rubber Tape